Dell Latitude D620

  1. intel ipw3945 open source wireless driver - no patching of the kernel needed
    Wireless - used ndiswrapper w/ intel drivers
    1. patch kernel for 16K stacks - patch
    2. - new development Intel wireless driver (I haven't tried this yet)
  2. SMP - recompiled kernel w/ SMP support, and set CPU to pentium M
  3. Had to use the intel SCSI drivers for my DVD/CDRW drive (had to disable IDE completely in my kernel) (currently using

Hardware Specs

  • Dell Latitude D620
    • 2Ghz Centrino Duo
    • 1Gig RAM
    • nVidia Quadro NVS 110M
  • kernel
  • nVidia driver version 9755
  • Slackware 11 fully updated as of 21/Mar/2007
  • Dropline Gnome fully updated 21/Mar/2007

aiglx info

I haven't decided where to stick this yet (I suppose slackware:aiglx would be good…)

but anyway: - you need the nvidia binary drivers

my xorg 7.1.1 and beryl 0.2.1 packages for slackware

     installation instructions - for beryl, just install my beryl packages after installing my xorg packages

xorg7.1 for slackware      I had to tweak some things, and rebuild fontconfig (dropline's build) to link with /usr/X11R7

beryl packages - general install instructions

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