Codec Installation

This process will install codecs for audio and video playback

  • mp3 codec (libmad? and lame?)
  • faad2
  • gstreamer-ugly

To Do

  • rebuild totem to use xine-lib instead of gstreamer (this should fix my lack of video problem) - totem-xine


Info from:

# yum install faad2 gstreamer-plugins-ugly libmad libid3tag

The above should give you a list of things to install similar to:

 faad2                   x86_64     2.5-2.fc6        freshrpms         189 k
 gstreamer-plugins-ugly  x86_64     0.10.5-1.lvn6    livna             226 k
 libid3tag               x86_64     0.15.1b-3.fc6    extras             47 k
 libmad                  x86_64     0.15.1b-4.lvn6   livna              79 k
Installing for dependencies:
 a52dec                  x86_64     0.7.4-10.lvn6    livna              50 k
 lame                    x86_64     3.97-1.fc6       freshrpms         423 k
 libdvdread              x86_64     0.9.7-2.fc6      extras             66 k
 libsidplay              x86_64     1.36.57-11.fc6   extras             89 k
 mpeg2dec                x86_64     0.4.1-2.lvn6     livna              94 k
Transaction Summary


This was where things got mucky for me I think, so I recommend going into the Package Manager (Add/Remove Software) and do the following:

  1. search for “xine-lib”
  2. make sure xine-lib is picked (I have version 1.1.4-1.fcx86_64)
  3. select:
    1. xine-lib-devel (make sure the version matches the xine-lib version)
    2. xine-lib-extras
    3. xine-lib-moles


Add/Remove Software - search for xvid Fedora seems to have “official” packages for the following (and that's what I installed):

  1. install xvidcore
  2. xvidcore-devel
  3. ffmpeg

w32codecs (from mplayer)

Info from:

su -
yum install compat-libstdc++-33 -y
rpm -ihv
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