Gnome Terminal Launcher

This allows you to add an applet to your panel that will launch any of your gnome-terminal profiles (so you can setup profiles to auto-connect to a server, and have a specific background color, etc.)

Homepage: Gnome Terminal Launcher
Current Version: 0.9

Package Creation and Installation

  1. Download the SPEC file
  2. Download the gnome-terminal-launcher source
  3. edit the SPEC file to make sure the correct and most recent version is being used
  4. build it:
    [root@bender ~]# cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
    [root@bender SPECS]# rpmbuild -bb gnome-terminal-launcher.spec
  5. install it:
    [root@bender SPECS]# cd /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/noarch/
    [root@bender noarch]# rpm -i gnome-terminal-launcher-0.9-1.noarch.rpm
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