NFS Mounts

You need to setup an nfs server


  1. add the nfs server's name and ip to /etc/hosts on your client
  2. add the client machine's name and ip to /etc/hosts on your nfs server
  3. enable the nfs and nfslock services to start at boot
  4. start nfs and nfslock


To make sure the server is configured properly, we will test mount the nfs share:

[root@bender mnt]# mount -t nfs wspace:/shared/directory /mnt/directory
wspace: The server we are connecting to (I have configured wspace in my /etc/hosts file)
/shared/directory This is the shared/exported directory
/mnt/directory This is the local mount point for the nfs share

If the above command worked, we are ready to add the mount point to our /etc/fstab to allow mounting at boot-time

Configure fstab

  1. add the mount information to your /etc/fstab
    wspace:/home/media      /mnt/wspace             nfs     context=user_u:object_r:nfs_t   1 2
  2. reboot to test

mount info

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