RHEL/CentOS Clustering



  1. Run:
    # yum installgroup Clustering
    • RHEL:
      yum groupinstall Clustering
  2. Run:
    # yum install xauth
  3. For use with vmware-server, you need the VMware VIX API (on both the clients and vm host)


  1. Do this:
    $ ssh -Y root@node1
    # system-config-cluster
  2. Setup a fencing device (see vmware fencing for more info)
  3. Setup your nodes
  4. Setup the failover domain (httpd or something like that)
  5. Setup the resources to be clustered
  6. Setup the service
  7. Enable the cluster management software (cman and rgmanager):
    1. Centos:
      # chkconfig cman on
      # chkconfig rgmanager on
      # chkconfig openais on
    2. RHEL5:
      # chkconfig cman on
      # chkconfig rgmanager on
      # chkconfig openais off
  8. Reboot
  9. check the status of the cluster (same command as step 1)
vmware fencing
  1. get fence_vmware setup with vmware-server2:
    # fence_vmware -a -l USER -p PASSWORD -d server2 -n '[estore] node2/node2.vmx'
  2. You'll use this info later when editing /etc/cluster/cluster.conf
  1. setup centos vm image for web serving:
    # yum install httpd mod_ssl php mysql-server php-mysql php-pear-DB php-xml php-xmlrpc php-gd php-mbstring sendmail-cf

Relocate Services

# clusvcadm -r wiki-httpd


  • RHEL5:
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