Cyrus Upgrade

This page deals with upgrading to new versions of Cyrus IMAP

Some info for testing imap (with imtest)

2.3.9 to 2.3.12p2

From doc/install-upgrade.html

Upgrading from 2.3.9

  • The method used for generating Globally Unique IDentifiers used for replication has been changed to be the SHA1 hash of the messages. If you wish to upgrade the existing GUIDs in particular mailbox(es) or the entire server, perform the following steps in the listed order. Note that is is NOT REQUIRED that existing GUIDs be upgraded.
    1. Zero GUIDs on the replica (reconstruct -g)
    2. Regenerate GUIDs on the master (reconstruct -G)
    3. Regenerate GUIDs on the replica (reconstruct -G)

Full Process

  1. install cyrus-imap, cyrus-sasl (my build), mimedefang-perl-modules, and mimedefang
  2. copy the following onto the new host
    • /var/imap/
    • /var/spool/imap
    • /usr/sieve
    • /etc/sasldb2
    • /etc/mail/certs
    • /usr/lib/sasl2/Sendmail.conf
  3. make /tmp/VOIPmail for mimedefang-filter VOIP conversion
  4. reconfigure sendmail
  5. enable the startup scripts (rc.sendmail, rc.cyrus, rc.saslauthd, rc.mimedefang)
    • do I need to add rc.cyrus to rc.local?
  6. Upgrade the GUIDs (as per above)

/src/pkgs/ is the sendmail config to use (it includes cyrus and mimedefang)

build ffmpeg - build yasm, then rebuild ffmpeg

update in package (and decide which package to put the mimedefang one in - maybe one in each package…)

build perl-memcache and perl-Fileinfo

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