Slackware Live CD

How to make a cd that boots Slackware

Create your install image

install a set of packages. for this example, i'm using the a and n sets (all packages from each)

mkdir ~/livecdroot
mount /mnt/cdrom
installpkg -root ~/livecdroot /mnt/cdrom/slackware/(a|n)/*.tgz

now download the kernel from the linux-live site (listed below)

installpkg -root ~/livecdroot /tmp/linux-

Build the compressed live-cd

Using the linux-live tools, build the compressed livecd filesystems

make sure to configure the .config file properly


Once that is done, it will tell you where to generate the iso from - tagfiles aren't working for me with installpkg

Activate LVMs


# vgscan
  Reading all physical volumes.  This may take a while...
  No volume groups found
(Make any previously set up volume groups available)
# vgchange -a y
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