I'm installing mutt-devel

I'm basing my options on those used in AcIS's build script.

I need to update the mutt configuration with the .mutt/ directory structure FIXME


  1. edit /etc/make.conf and add:
    .if ${.CURDIR:M*/mail/mutt*}
  2. edit /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf and add the following to your MAKE_ARGS:
       'mail/mutt*' => [
  3. change into the mutt-devel directory and run the build script:
    [root@shalom ~]# cd /usr/ports/mail/mutt-devel
    [root@shalom /usr/ports/mail/mutt-devel]# make install clean


I setup a .muttrc file and put some options in .mutt/


The two sourced files are in the .mutt section below

ignore *
unignore date from: to resent-from resent-to cc bcc reply-to subject
hdr_order date from: to resent-from resent-to cc bcc reply-to subject
source ~/.mutt/pine
source ~/.mutt/color
set folder=~/mail
set editor="pico -t -k -z -r72"
#set editor="vim"
set forward_format="Fwd: %s"


This is a directory containing custom files, settings, etc.

I have two files in my .mutt/ directory:

  1. color:
    color attachment        brightmagenta   default
    color error             brightred       default
    color hdrdefault        red             black
    color indicator         brightcyan      brightgreen
    color markers           brightcyan      default
    color message           brightcyan      default
    color normal            default         default
    color quoted            brightblue      default
    color search            default         green
    color signature         red             default
    color status            brightcyan      brightred
    color tilde             magenta         default
    color tree              magenta         default
  2. pine:
    # This file contains commands to change the keybindings in Mutt to be
    # similar to those of PINE 3.95.
    # $Id: Pine.rc,v 1.5 2000/02/11 09:04:22 roessler Exp $
    bind index v display-message
    bind index p previous-undeleted
    bind index n next-undeleted
    bind index ' ' next-page
    bind index c mail
    bind index g change-folder
    bind index w search
    bind index y print-message
    bind index x sync-mailbox
    bind index $ sort-mailbox
    bind index a tag-prefix
    bind index \; tag-entry
    # Not possible to simulate zoom-out...
    macro index z l~T\r
    bind pager p previous-undeleted
    bind pager n next-undeleted
    bind pager ' ' next-page
    bind pager g change-folder
    bind pager c mail
    bind pager w search
    bind pager y print-message
    bind pager \n noop      # PINE prints "No default action for this menu."
    bind pager <up> previous-line
    bind pager <down> next-line
    bind compose \cx send-message
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