FreeBSD Information

FreeBSD Build Server

Tracking for multiple machines

  • make.conf - global make configuration settings
  • pkgtools.conf - another global make configuration settings location
  • updating freebsd - keep your system up to date
  • install webserver - install a webserver and all associated programs (perl, php, python, mysql?)
  • svn - install and configure SVN
  • bash - install and use bash as your default shell
  • ntpd - keeping your server's time sync'd
  • mutt - a more usable mail-reader than mail
  • pine - a simple mail-reader, includes pico (needed by my mutt configuration)
  • sendmail - some tweaks to FreeBSD's basic setup
  • procmail - ties into sendmail to help with delivery (filtering)
  • spamassassin - spam filtering (installation) - configuration is here: spam
  • DNSBL - setup DNS Block Lists
  • firewall - basic firewall setup
  • seq2 - clone of the unix program called seq
  • dos2unix - remove those annoying ^M's from your code

To Do

  1. finish webserver area (logfile analysis - awstats with a daily cron job)
    • need to organize apache logs into /var/logs/httpd/
  2. mysql backup script (/root/backup/scripts) - done. need to make a wiki page for it
  3. figure out the deal with logwatch
  4. setup sendmail
    1. configure sendmail to forward to or somewhere
    2. configure sendmail/dnsbl's, etc (from linux sendmail page)
    3. setup procmail (for sms) - procmail is setup, need to setup sms filters
    4. setup spamassassin
  5. finish moving website stuff
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