These are some notes for compiling beryl on slackware

install notes for gentoo

compilation order:

  1. beryl-mesa (only if the following beryl doesn't compile)
  2. beryl-core
  3. beryl-dbus?
  4. beryl-plugins
  5. beryl-manager
  6. beryl-settings
  7. emerald
  8. emearld-themes
  9. heliodor/aquamarine (allows native gnome/kde themes)

Beryl-Plugins problem:

#X11R6 needs to be linked to X11R7 for beryl-plugins (it looks for libfontconfig .something in /usr/X11R6 ….)
had to actually link /usr/lib/libfontconfig.* to /usr/X11R7/lib

Emerald problem:

needs libwnck (installed from dropline).
needs glitz (installed from dropline).

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