mp mini select



  • start gcode:
    M301 P20 I0.02 D250 ; extruder pids
    M304 P106.56 I0.024 D93.81 ; heated bed pids
    G28 ;Home
    G1 Z15.0 F6000 ;Move the platform down 15mm
    G92 E0
    G1 F200 E3
    G92 E0
  • end gcode:
    M104 S0
    M140 S0
    G28 X ; home x axis
    G1 Y120 ; move platform forward for access
    G4 P300000 ; wait 5 minutes before turning off the fan
    M106 S1 ; turn off fan

Cura Profile

Converting from CAD to STL




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